"You do ill if you praise, but worse if you censure what you do not understand." - Leonardo daVinci

Sunday, February 28, 2010

reason for her smile

i just realized the mona lisa has no eyebrows.




Mona Lisa tattoo? We do have a lot in common.

We don't?

Well how the fuck do you know?

..... get it?

fuck cravings

i want chocolate.


my short story

The Plastic Surgeon

I wrote this a while ago, I tried to make it into a short screenplay...yeah, I'm still working on that.

where i must go to finish

variations on a passion

"devil: the personified spirit of evil. an evil spirit; a demon."
I've been called the devil or evil since I was little. I've never taken offense to it, in that people found me to be devilish. I've thought about it, about what makes a person evil and if I was. But I realized even though I have a tough skin; even though I can look at pictures of death & torture without turning my head and listen to a baby crying without flinching; I do not care as easily as others do; even though I am nowhere near the psychological idea of what a female is, I realized that I never gave in to my urges to stab somebody I hated in the neck, watching the blood flow as they slowly died; I never smothered a screaming, obnoxious child; I never swung a metal bat at the head of an annoying friend. Ofcourse I have evil in me, I have a lot of it; but essentially I am good because I never let the evil side take control. It is vain to think some people have no evil in them, it is ignorant.

Part of me wants to stay so others can live better, part of me wants to leave so i can live better, part of me is thinking i'm realizing that those who want me to stay, never thought about my interests...Thinking in abstract really puts things in perspective. I should come with a warning label, with an instruction booklet; before someone becomes my friend i say nothing and hand them the small booklet and watch as they read. I mean yeah....I feel bad, I have a conscious. But... I'm tired of living for others. If I leave and do what I really want to do, there's a big possibility I will never see my friends again or talk to them. There's a possibility I will one day throw my phone in the ocean, I only have 4 phone numbers memorized, 1 I don't know why I would call, the other being someone I don't know if I should be talking to, and the other 2 being my parents. But it would be a nice wake up call, not for me. You take somebody for granted so easy, I should know I've taken plenty for granted. I mean yeah, it's kinda fucked up, but I relish in the fact that someone realizes they've taken me for granted and doesn't have me anymore, boo hoo. I have been through immense pain, so I know I'll be fine, no matter how many tears I cry one day. It's not my fault. I know deep down I've already made my decision, and when it's time, it will play out. My instinct isn't to care; I have to concentrate to make me care about something or somebody's feelings.
"i'm not the devil. i'm the substitute."


which photographs do people like more? i guess i can take some of each category and see how people react.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Etsy Bitsy Spider

Calling somebody a poser is so middle school, if you're going to go around calling everybody a poser then you better not be older than 13.

I'm so tired of guys (and people in general!) acting like they're never wrong and they're the shit and they expect everyone to worship at their feet...well, sorry buddy....if you expect me to come to your becking call and text you and aim you every single day without YOU doing a damn thing....then you must have me mistaken for that OTHER BITCH.

I can like somebody so much...but if you keep stepping on my toes, then it don't matter anymore, you're out the picture like THAT *snap*.

I'm really considering making an etsy account, but it would be after I got my job. I'm still working on my graphic novel and I do plan on looking for a job soon, I've been unemployed for about 2 months, it's nice not having to wake up and go deal with bullshit, but it was nice having a paycheck lol. I would make jewelry probably and sell my photography, nicely framed, I can make clothes too so I would do that, I would sell all types of shit, cuz I can pick up a trade really fast and a lot of trades interest me =). My friend has one, he's always telling me to make one lol.

Ankh Tattoo

Quentin O'Marei McCollum - 6 months

Personal Playlist #1

My Personal Playlist #1

i need to remove some of these songs.