"You do ill if you praise, but worse if you censure what you do not understand." - Leonardo daVinci

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bored & Narcissistic

I hit my dad and kick his feet for no reason.
I look prettier with my face covered in green clay.
I prefer cats to social interaction.
I eat to taste, not to get full.
I hate pink, but secretly love it.
I never stare off into nothingness, I'm always looking at something (even if you cant see).
I pretend to drive crazy to make people stop tailgating (and it works).
I call white people niggers randomly without warning.
If I don't like you (and especially if you're German) I call you a Nazi.
I used to wake up with cuts on my face, ever since then I've tried to keep my nails short.
I used to sleepwalk when I was little (who knows if I still do).
I insult myself in the third person.
If you don't know me, you think I'm crazy.
I almost got sent to a mental institution once in the 5th grade.
I tend to attract Narcissists and Psychopaths.
I usually like what you don't.
I love wearing Brown.
Before I insult, I understand first.
I can argue with myself very well.
I don't really get along with people who are just like me.
I used to throw shit all the time when I was angry, when I was younger.
I played with Barbies, then cut off their heads and hung them on my mirror.
I fuck with people just to see their reaction.
You may be a hood thug, but I'm clever and crazy (I think that's worse).
I know of plenty of places to hide dead bodies.
My life is a satire, I act and talk like people I make fun of 24/7 (people think I'm actually like that).
So when people call me weird I just shrug and say, I know.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rainbow gate

Rainbow gate..:)
Originally uploaded by Katarina 2353


Originally uploaded by Katarina 2353
Beautiful photo I found

Snail Trail

snail trail
Originally uploaded by joecooke
Found this photo on Flickr, I'm assuming the link is given, therefore giving credit to the owner.

I'm just watching Amelie, looking for photos of snails to add to my gallery (you know... the usual day), I had taken a photo of a snail but that photo is lost forever =(.

I especially liked this one.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I've always been set apart from others because I have long, super thick hair. I've been told by guys that I wouldn't be as attractive if my hair was short (they werent saying I'd be ugly, as one of them put it "that's what you have that makes other girls jealous"). I've kept my hair long because my ex wanted me to keep it long, he would trip if I cut it. And after I kept it long because it DOES set me apart, but I'm tired of it. I no longer care. I'm going to get it cut as soon as I find a haircut I like. Hair shouldn't define me.


Is it just me? Or is a sibling registry for a sperm bank creepy? That's just setting your child up to be scarred for life. That's the downside of using a sperm donor... your child is going probably have 300 half siblings across the universe. And there are celebrity matches (kinda celeb stalker type shit lol but who cares!). I bet there are some angry mothers who thought they were getting a child by some Gerard Butler look-a-like but got the lovechild of Conan O' Brian.


"mommy where did i come from?"
"a test tube made in Japan, you were shipped via FedEx ofcourse."

Sunday, May 2, 2010


So I have this book that I've had for about a year, it's all Kokology; games of self discovery. They're very interesting, and I agree with most of it and weither i like to admit it or not, I agree with the results even the ones that point out my flaws and things I don't like to accept. I've just recently started reading it, about 2 days ago. I'm halfway through with it. But there's one thing that keeps on bugging me. Every now and then there will be a game where you have to imagine somebody that's supposed to represent your ideal mate or somebody that is like my personal messiah, not just a regular person that I love or feel comfortable with. I can never see anyone, it's always a man but it's always a shadow, a literal shadow. It's a man but he's drowned in black from head to toe. And I even try and force some kind of face, but it's just this mysterious shadow, even my subconscious is not letting me in. Or maybe I just don't think that hard or that far ahead so that person is nowhere in my subconscious mind.