"You do ill if you praise, but worse if you censure what you do not understand." - Leonardo daVinci

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So last night me and Amber were bored and usually we have guys we can call up and be like, hey wanna hang out? But not that night, so we sat in the parking lot for 15 minutes thinking of things to do when I started of thinking of places that we wanted to go. MidgetTown popped into my head and I blurted it out without thinking about it. No one knows if actual little people live in a gated community in Long Beach, but there are a few locations that people try to find. A couple years ago, me and my friends were driving around the Atlantic Ave area and got lost in a neighborhood, one of my friends shouted out omg we're in midgettown! And I was like, wtf is that. And so we looked around, but nobody was there and it was just a bunch of condos, so it wasn't.

One alleged location is by the Virginia Country Club "at the end of a long, dead end looking, street either called "Virginia" or "Country Club". If you continue down this street, you will reach a checkpoint with a wooden gate and a small button on the left hand side. All you have to is push the button and the gate will automatically open. If you drive inside, you will notice that the first house on your left is equipped with a giant front door and doorknobs that look no taller than three feet high. The rest of the houses appear normal. If you continue driving forward you will reach another gate which cannot be opened by non-residents, followed by a third gate which can only be seen in the distance. Also, on your way out, turn right on the first street you see and go about five or six blocks and you will see the house from the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." A guy who actually drove inside there said the only thing to see is the house from the movie, no midgettown.

Another alleged location is La Linda Dr. by Bixby Rd and Weston, by Long Beach Blvd. It is a gated community and is hard to really see into. In the dark it's hard to tell how big or small anything is, except for the tiny gate to the left of the big gate that cars go through. People have tried to find this specific location but have never found La Linda Dr and claimed this location is a myth. La Linda Dr is an extremely tiny sign. Me and my friend actually found it on accident. While we saw no little people or extremely small anything except for that wooden gate, it was still exciting and freaky just because we were exploring an urban myth. A woman who lives on La Linda Dr. states that there are no little people living there and there never has. I'm not one of those people who think little people are freaks of nature, they're humans not some species from a different realm. It's not the fact that it's a midgettown, but it's exciting to try and find because there's such mystery surrounding it. If it was a well-known little people community and you see them walking around there all day...it wouldnt be that interesting.

So there are little people living in Long Beach, I see them. But no MidgetTown in the Long Beach area. There are claims of MidgetTowns in California. The most popular one around the Long Beach area though is the location in Bell Gardens by Downey, CA where people have said they did go there and 9 out 10 times chased out by an angry little person. One location was not given but the person said that there is a guard who tells you to leave in respect of MidgetTown, so no looky-looky there. But now I'm determined to seek out urban myths. Another is claimed to be in downtown Anaheim, CA off of Caille de Estrella. Some say that street doesn't exist because it can't be found. La Linda Dr was hard as fuck to find, so that's probably why. I have to go there now. There are a few more locations in Texas and California that I'm intrigued to explore now, I'm all set with directions and pictures =) There is one claimed to be in New York, but I don't feel like looking for an alleged MidgetTown in busyass New York, even though I am taking a road trip there soon.

There is a BIG fuss about a MidgetTown in San Diego, but it was looked into and was speculated that people were probably talking about these 4 little houses that were built a while ago, but now only one is still standing and abandoned. But when you look inside there is a small fireplace and cobble-stoned floors. I have an estimated set of directions, so I'm going there, I just wanna see that house. It's more of the houses that interest me, than the people. There's also on claimed to be in Greenville, TX. N of Lee St. and W of Walnut, the road goes up a short, steep hill and you end up on a dirt road and you'll see 3 houses to the right and like the usual "Midget House" the house is big but all the features are small. First I have to see this gated community with an angry guard who tells you to leave if you don't live there, in Downey, CA (actually in Bell Gardens). You take Chalet Dr. off of Gage Ave, go S on Chalet then make a left on a street that starts with a T and go right onto Foster Bridge.

The most popular spot claimed to be MidgetTown, built by the little people from the Wizard of Oz (that's the story) is the one in San Diego, but the second most popular one is all the way in Haunchyville, in Muskega, WI on Mystic Drive. It's said that it indeed does look like a MidgetTown with small doorknobs and small cars and small trashcans, and opposed to the legends of California where the little people are said to throw bricks at "Bigs" who trespass, these in Haunchyville are well equipped with torches and pitchforks.

mental yeast infection...it irritates

i hate hypocrites. it's extremely irritating when you look down on somebody who does basically the same things you do...it's like, then what are you? nobody likes to think of themselves as sluts or "faggots" or racists, but that's where compassion and understanding comes in....to replace the misunderstanding and self-denial. but nobody understands that.....is it an environmental thing? you're not born a hypocrite, unless there's a chemical imbalance i havent heard of. it's pathetic how people are. just plain pitiful. how are you going to get mad when i talk about guys when you talk about girls or your girlfriend....do not degrade women and say they have no respect for themselves when you don't know anything about it and when you do basically the same shit. don't say you're for gay rights and all that when you call gays, faggots and lesbians, dykes...
you are what you are, just own up to it. if everyone was the same, the world would be one big orgy. opinions and thoughts are our own we were born with a right to think, but not a right to act. Acting on something is a priviledge, raped that word, don't abuse it. Speaking is a part of acting, certain words will put certain actions in motion. HOW HARD IS IT.....fuck. A lot of people are talking about how now is a time in history, concerning the bible.....if they're right, then good. with all this shit the world needs to start from a clean slate.

Club Allstar :: Stanton (Garden Grove), CA

I still can't kind of hear, I swear that music did serious damage. Great, never going there again. I went to Club Allstars in Stanton, CA last night. When we first got there, there was a small line in front and so far I was the only one dressed up for clubbing. I was dressed up Hollywood style. I could feel the girls in the line looking me up and down, like bitch. And I was with Amber and Claudia, who I've known since pre-school. Amber felt it too, she was like yeah I can feel them hating on us. After a while three girls came into the line and they were dressed like me, so I wasn't SO out of place....besides us three being the ONLY...as in ONLY white/light-skinned people there. Amber regretted not bringing more girls, "girls start fights in these types of clubs" I was like oh well for the bitch that wants to fight me then, my two 4-inch heels and Amber's two 4-inch heels make up for more girls. Watch me turn into Jackie Chan real quick. I was wearing a white dress and inside the club they had a special light to highlight anything white, I was like this is turning into a nightmare. And when we first got inside no one was dancing, they were all sitting down. I felt like I was in the 6th grade again. Amber and Claudia just started dancing by the bar, I just stood there bummed out of my mind. I did not pay $10 to dance by my lonesome by a bar. The guys we were next to stared at us like fresh meat. One of the guys was video-recording the club and the other one got backed up against the bar counter by Miss Amber herself lol. He kept on taking my hand or poking me because I wasn't really dancing. I appreciated the "love" but do not fucking poke me if you don't want to get slapped. Eventually I was like, fuck it and I started half-ass dancing because I still wasn't feeling it. This one guy came up to me to start dancing, I was like ugh no thank you, but he was persistent and just could not take a hint so he took my hips and pressed me to him. It's like getting stuck in tar, you might as well wait there for someone else to come by. I stopped dancing for a couple seconds twice....he still couldn't take the hint, I was like damn. He eventually left, like wham bam thank you mam. Amber backed me against the bar, like a girl stuck in prison with no men in sight lol. I couldn't really have fun with it because these moves she did moved my damn dress up, so I was tugging my dress down or holding onto the bottom about 90% of the time. It was still funny though. I took my shoes off along with Amber because I couldn't dance, my legs kept on shaking. I still didn't really let loose but I was having more fun. It went like that for about an hour and a half. When I realized what time it was and we didn't have that much time left because I had to take Amber and Claudia back home and get my own ass home by 1:30 and I wanted to stop and get something to drink, I just let loose. "Finally!" Is what Claudia and Amber said after. "It only took you....two hours." Thank you Claudia lol. I started dancing with this one guy, I was having fun with him so I was afraid to turn around and see what he looked like. We danced for a while, then he left and stood next to me, talking to his friend. The guy who danced with Amber earlier came up to me and took my hips. heyyyyy lol jk. That was the most fun I had that night. I shaked, I grinded (is that a word? i doubt it), I bumped, I bent over, I slid, he held my hands up and held onto my thighs. He said something but I didnt catch it, by then I was partially deaf. All I heard was, "damn girl". Damn right lol. So I checked my phone for the time and I told Claudia and Amber it was time to go. So we left. None of us could hear a damn thing, we were screaming at each other but we couldn't tell. Maybe that's why people are so loud coming out of clubs lol. We went back to Long Beach and bought cokes from Jack N the Box, then I took them home. Even though it started shitty, it ended okay =)

excerpt of an everyday conversation

dedJul1234 (8:55:47 PM): Hi
therecountercradle (8:55:55 PM): hey...
countercradle (8:55:58 PM): do i know you?
dedJul1234 (8:56:08 PM): Not yet,no
countercradle (8:56:14 PM): oh
dedJul1234 (8:56:24 PM): I'm Alan
countercradle (8:56:30 PM): hi
dedJul1234 (8:56:42 PM): Hi again
dedJul1234 signed off at 8:57:23 PM.
dedJul1234 is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.

umm yea..how do ppl get your sn? lol


countercradle (1:57:03 AM): what if my pussy just started talking to me one day
countercradle (1:57:13 AM): lol"
Liz" (1:57:39 AM): "jessica...try some other flava beside choc-o-lit"
countercradle (1:57:44 AM): lol
countercradle (1:58:00 AM): it'll be like, heeelp heeelp im being choked by a gigantic black penis"
Liz" (1:58:05 AM): and your pussy has to be a black man
countercradle (1:58:08 AM): lol
countercradle (1:58:14 AM): well then it'd be gay
countercradle (1:58:22 AM): whats the use of a gay vagina lol"
Liz" (1:59:26 AM): true"
Liz" (1:59:30 AM): that would blow
countercradle (1:59:39 AM): ya

strippers, pornstars, & prostitutes

When you think of a prostitute, you think of PCH and a woman with 9-inch heels, ripped stockings, no underwear, walking around with a miniskirt and a tube top on. When you think of a pornstar you think of a prostitue, when you think of a stripper, it reminds you of either a well paid prostitue or an underpaid pornstar. Well, all those conclusions are wrong. Prostitutes, strippers, and sometimes pornstars are the most misunderstood class of society (yes there is still a caste system).

Prostitutes, especially, are spit on by everyone, when they have to put up with more crap than a lot more other occupations. They're screwed by the legal system; they're screwed by the community, the media, and by people they thought they could trust. They can so easily be raped because "they're whores anyway".

You say, well that's what McDonalds is for, well sorry to throw water on your fire, but minimum wage cannot take care of a two or three people family, it cannot take care of even one person and yes even fast food restaurants turn away people and they aren't always hiring 24/7. We live in a corrupted world, some of us have to do the dirty work.

What's wrong with prostitution? Is it because it's sex, when we live in a highly sexual society in the first place, some people are just anti-sex, but aside from them sex isnt looked down on as much in general. Is it because they're having sex without being in a relationship? Is it because you're being a jealous cunt, not giving your husband enough and he went and found it somewhere else? Is it because not all practice safe sex and are spreading diseases? Try to answer what's wrong with prostitution without bringing up your own moral code and health issues.

Getting rid of people having sex for money, will NEVER happen, this is not Big Brother, every citizen of the US of A is not going to be monitered by the government 24/7, more important things are happening than who's giving whom a blowjob. Sex is sex, it's everywhere, everyday, every hour. Looking down on sex without being in a relationship or marriage, is just inserting your own morals, you might as well stomp on gay marriage and bitchslap a few immigrants, if you dont already. If prostitution were to be made legal, are you afraid your daughter or friend is going to go out and suddenly put a sign around her neck saying, "Will suck dick for money"? That being a prostitute will become "all the rage"? I highly doubt that will happen, if you're not one now, you probably won't become one any time soon, if ever. Pimps would hate it being legal, because then they would be taxed. If it were to be legal, health issues would be resolved better and easier and no one would have to go to jail, become someone's bitch and get addicted to meth.
But one thing that people just DO NOT understand is why they do what they do. Even some strippers have the same reasons. Pornstars have it better, they get fame, fortune, and condoms (not saying they have it perfect or any less misunderstood or looked down on). You think, oh it's just some whore. It's not a group of women who go out and have fuckfests because, "oh its fun and i love sex" the majority of those who have this profession (and yes, just because it's illegal, doesnt mean its not a job) do it to take care of themselves and their family. Who's more important, you or your child? Those who woud rather have their child starve and get infested with lice and other diseases and never go to school just because you think "strippers have no dignity" are selfish, that's what that is. That's not being moral.

I never try to change someone's view. I put up some facts and my own opinion and leave the rest alone. You can think I'm stupid, you can say "oh you just think like that because you're a whore too". I'm not a prostitute but I'm not a virgin either and no I'm not married *gasp* but I have had an ex friend call me immoral, a friend that laughed when I said I still have my dignity, and parents that have pushed me aside and refuse to talk about me because "they're ashamed". Insulting someone else wont make you smarter, gain you any respect, and it wont make your little dick grow bigger, so I don't give a damn about what you think. And the prostitutes, pornstars, and strippers that can hold their head high are the most strong people in this society because of all the shit they get.

I'm just simply saying, wipe your ass before you pull your pants up.

men & dogs

you know the saying, men are dogs? well there are similarities, the message is different but some truth value is there. if i just described something that farts a lot, eats a whole bunch of anything, marks territory, pees on everything, will hump anything with a hole, sniffs everything, doesnt mind rolling around in the mud, and loves to play with balls....would I be talking about a guy I know at school or my dog, Spike? if you're a guy and you're reading this, i'm not trying to say anything i just think the similarites are hilarious...ironic? the saying, men are dogs is meant as men are all bastards...that's not what i'm saying...so stop crying.

you can say women are cats, high-maintance, loves to cuddle, has mood swings and fits, hisses, obssessed with their hair, has a not-to-be-bothered attitude...but until guys start walking around pulling out their hair and complaining that "all women are cats" it's not that funny.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Acting Black.....please be offended

Yo wassup foo I'd like to shout out to all my niggas and hood bitches holla at me cuz i'm bout to pass out this bitch somebody swing by my crib and show off the drank and cush ya feel me nigga
now don't nobody wanna get they asses cut like a mothafucka cuz they bein rude mothafuckas and not sharin and shit

Ok where is Lil Jon's shadow cuz all I see is a white girl wearing Baby Phat and gold hoop earrings...
People can talk and act however they want, I don't really give a damn, but a lot of people have a problem with people "acting black", whatever that is. According to my friends, acting black is:
- stealing
- selling crack
- not using big words
- is all about sex and money
- talking in slang
- being in a gang or knowing somebody in one
- living in the ghetto
- smoking
- drinking
- knowing every single rapper
Some people consider me Black, others consider me mixed, and some call me White, knowing that my dad's Black. I'm in college, I didnt know the difference between a blunt and a joint until last month, I just lost my virginity last year to ONE guy that I'm STILL with, I stole once when I was still a single-digit, I hate the taste of alcohol except if it's mixed with A LOT of juice, I don't know every single Black perfomer on the face of the planet and I certainly don't belt out the lyrics standing on the street corner swinging from side to side with a baseball cap on sideways, I dont wear weaves, I dont even the right hair for that. I love photography, I love the ocean, my skin is light, I use big words AND know what they mean, I talk in slang but not for every single word. Oh well I guess I'm white. There's no such as acting Black, there's only being black...as in you have Black ancestry and/or Black parent(s). Oh dear, oh my I used correct puncuation.
I know of white girls who refer to the word white person like it doesnt include them, possible mental defect? To me, talking in slang is different from referring to their "hoodrat bitches and niggas"...get hate mail much? People talk however they please, if it's to make themself appear as something that they're not, then that's their problem, not mine. It's when a White person will say that they're blacker than me or blacker than a Black person, that I will be offended, because you just insulted me pointblank and "that wont fly".
It's like, yeah you know all about the hood life when you've lived in the Beverly Hills of Long Beach all your life....right, please finish school because you are obviously in dire need of an education.
You can't act Black, sorry deal with the ethnicity you were given. There's no such thing as a born-again Black person, an ethnicity is not what you listen to or how you act or what you look like, it's your blood, it's your heritage. Ghetto = Black to some people, it's like no...Black = Black, you're either it or you're not.
Some say being Black is having a certain culture, that being black is having a certain attitude...no, that's just having a certain attitude...but then again there's the education that "niggas lack".
It's like, you say that being Black is one thing but then are deeply offended when people are suspicious that a Black person walking into their store are gonna steal something...well...if a person, white, black, purple, yellow, walked in my store talking about how all they do is steal I'd be watching their asses too. You can't define Black and be offended at the same time...you're just stabbing yourself in the foot. I can't feel bad for somebody who has an encounter with a racist, when they put themselves and everyone else in that same box.

I can't read.
Why not?
Cuz I'm Black.