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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Foot Tattoo

I recently got the side of foot tatted, which hurt worse than when I got the back of my neck tatted, but I'm sure it would have hurt 100X more if I got a tat on the TOP of my foot. It's still healing, it hurts to touch, it hurts even when water gets on it and it stings whenever i put the Aquaphor ointment on it. Sleeping is a bitch, half the time I should be asleep, I'm lying in bed trying to figure out how to position myself. But everyone loves it and I knew it was going to be a process before I got it, this being my second tattoo. I was surprised that my foot hurt a lot though, it mostly hurt as it got closer to my heel, which I also thought was backwards, but I'm no expert on feet so what do I know. It's a phrase in Latin, which is a correct version by the way =), I wrote both sentences (that mean the same thing) and ran it by somebody with a degree in Latin who said both of them were right, so I picked the one without the "est" so it would look more like a phrase than a regular sentence that just happens to be in a different language... if that makes any sense. It means "nature is art's teacher", and later I'm going to get painted sunflowers tattooed around my ankle, which I know will feel just lovely. And I know it didn't help the pain that I went in the tattoo shop nauseous and with a headache, I felt extremely sick during, my mom had to get me a 7 Up during, I told her I wanted to eat before but no she didn't want to listen and before I know it, I'm doing the application and I was the first to go (my mom also got a tattoo for mother's day). And you would think your foot going to sleep during the tattooing would in a way numb the pain, no it just made it hurt worse. It felt like somebody had a thick needle underneath your skin and slowly pushing it out, that's how best I can describe the pain, while a tattoo in a lot of other places, such as my neck, just feels like somebody is scratching your raw skin with a fork really hard. And I hear the foot needs to be retouched a lot, pssh I'm just bout to black marker this bitch. h0lla!

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