"You do ill if you praise, but worse if you censure what you do not understand." - Leonardo daVinci

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sexually Transmitted Disturbance

This guy I've been sleeping with, the whole situation is weird. 

I've known of guys to treat you nice then you have sex then you never hear from him again, or you guys sleep together and he'll hit you up whenever he wants to have sex but then ignores your existence til then.

He'll call me a bitch during sex and pull my hair, but he'll cuddle when he's drunk and he doesn't turn his head when I kiss him once on the lips. He makes sure to not cross the line into "bf/gf" territory, but he'll still wait for me outside when it's cold. He'll be demanding, but not rude. He's always quick to respond to my texts when I want to have sex, but if he texts me and I say no, he doesn't ignore me or turn into a jackass, he just says okay goodnight. He'll be an alpha male during sex, but he's quick to stop and say "I'm sorry" if he does something wrong.

I find it hilarious and extremely interesting.

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