"You do ill if you praise, but worse if you censure what you do not understand." - Leonardo daVinci

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sleep, Ghosts, But No Shadow People

I've had dreams where I 'wake up' in my dreams then I actually wake up, then am paranoid for like 5 minutes that I'm still dreaming, until I realize I'm not. I've had odd dreams, terrifying dreams, and sad dreams. I used to sleepwalk when I was little, and my parents would tease me the next day, making up insider jokes on my behalf lol then asking if I know what they're talking about, ofcourse I say no, so they laugh. They only told me twice what specifically I did. One time my dad walked in on me sleeping and talking very loudly in my sleep (the night when I crammed for my vocabulary test, which I got 100% on thank you). This other time I sleepwalked into the living room and took out the vaccum cleaner, my dad asked me what I was doing and I told him, "shut up stupid" my dad was about to beat my ass when my mom told him I was obviously sleepwalking. A lot of my dreams contain water and/or falling, a lot of the times I'm falling into a big lake or an ocean. Also snow is recurring every now and then. One time I had snow, falling, and water in the same dream. I've dreamed about gigantic spiders and spiderwebs more than I'd like and I've dreamed about dead bodies aplenty. A couple times I either heard or spoke a language I've never even heard before, and while I dream about friends and my parents, I make up faces way more, rarely I'll create the most gorgeous man... you can imagine my disappointment when I wake up. I've dreamed about demons only once, after I watched about 8 episodes of Supernatural lol. I've felt myself slowly awake from a falling dream, where I feel like I'm about to fall or I'm falling, and then I try to balance myself or catch myself, leaving me to jerk violently in my bed, now wide awake. I've scratched myself so bad in my sleep once, it left a scar on the bottom of my chin (I had short nails for a while after that). I also remember waking up just as I rolled off the side of my bed, dropping to the floor, ain't nothin like waking up to falling out of your bed.
However, there are some instances that really separate themselves from the rest. A couple months ago, I was laying down, exhausted but I wasn't quite asleep when I felt pressure weighing me down (I was lying on my stomach) on my back, like something was sitting on me and then I felt something pull me down the bed by my feet, it was barely a distance but I still felt it. I wasn't scared at all, I was just saying "what in the hell?" in my head. Then I guess it was so intriguing I became fully awake, I couldn't describe what had happened so I just kept it to myself, after I told my dad, he said I was just dreaming, but I know I was awake, because I never went to sleep. When I was little, my mom made me mad so when her back was turned I flicked her off, then later I went to sleep. I woke up because I wasn't comfortable, I lifted my head to turn it but then I felt something slap the shit out of my face, I was so terrified I slammed my head back into the pillow and did not move til I went to sleep. Today I found an article on Sleep Paralysis, based on scientific findings. It's where, you wake up before your brain has time to send the right signals to the rest of your body, so you realize you're awake but you are unable to perform certain functions, like talking or moving, and you hear sounds, voices, you see things such as terrifying figures that have only been described as alien, ghosts, demons, and "shadow people", you also feel things such as pressure, being grabbed, pulled, or choked. Which makes sense to me, gives me an explination to what happened a few months ago, and even though the incident when I was little, I had access to all my functions, it's still a possible explanation, besides my grandmother's ghost slapping the teeth out my mouth. I've never seen figures though, I've heard loud shouting once right as I wake up then like THAT it's gone and up til a few nights ago, those were the only Sleep Paralysis experiences I had. A few nights ago, was the worst one. I was awake, but I felt something poking my pillow, I opened my eyes didn't see anything, so I closed them again. (Once a lot of weird things happen to you, some invisible thing poking your pillow just doesn't do it for you anymore) Then the poking turned to pulling the corner of my pillow, I still paid it no mind, that's when I felt something grab my hair and pull it violently, making my whole head move, making it feel like my head was sinking down into my bed. I wasn't freaked out cuz my hair was being pulled, I was freaking out because I couldn't move. I was AWAKE and couldn't move anything except my lips, you bet I opened my mouth to scream but nothing came out, then it was over. My hair was let go and I rolled my head back to where it was on my pillow, I believe in ghosts but that's never the first explination that comes to mind when something weird happens, I kept on telling myself it wasn't real, then I felt the corner of my pillow being tugged again but this time it was more violent, and I noticed the "pulling" of the pillow, coincided with my rapid heartbeat then I was more calm, once I reached a logical state. My heart has never beat that fast in my life. Shit, for MY sake it better be Sleep Paralysis, I'm not too keen on the idea of a demon sitting on my damn chest. I have heard strange noises, footsteps when no one was there, I heard a woman's voice say my name, I've had a pencil thrown at me, I've felt what I think is a cat walking on my bed (I like to think it's either Cowboy RIP or Dinah RIP), I've seen an orange animal-like creature creeping around through my shower curtain and I was wide awake for all those incidents, not half asleep, not in my bed, not even tired. So I have had my share with paranormal activity, but I do believe what I'm experiencing is indeed the sleep disorder Sleep Paralysis.

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