"You do ill if you praise, but worse if you censure what you do not understand." - Leonardo daVinci

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Word of the Unseen

I'm waiting for the day when people realize that all religions are all the same thing with different labels. Just like pickles. You have different brands, some are cheaper than others, but they're all pickles. Yes, I just compared religion to pickles. But I know that day will never come, because I know what human nature is. If I were to believe in a religious faith and saw signs and miracles everywhere, the single philosophy I would have is this.. Different religions are the Last Test; we humans keep on remaking the same religion over and over and over again and millions are being murdered or committing suicide over that One religion, repeatedly, there is no one right religion, there is ONLY one religion and those who truly see the truth, see that, those are the few that are saved; saved from ignorance; saved from self-damnation; saved from destruction. Heaven and hell is what we make it, not where we go. I would shake my head at those who call themselves true Christians, or true Jews, or true Muslims, or true Polytheists, etc all because they follow rules in a book, the only reason why they're good to people; the only reason why they help those in need is because the book, their Divinity, told them to. That's not true goodness. Genuine goodness comes from your heart, from the choices you choose to make, not because you were told to do something, not because you're only scared of being tortured for all of eternity; that is too ignorance, that is selfishness. If I was the divine force that ruled over everything, I would bow my head in shame at the race I created, fore more than enough have failed my Tests. But I'm not, so instead I bow my head in shame at my fellow race, because now I am doomed to live in a world polluted in fear, hate, ignorance, and self-destruction. There is no Hell where demons roam and babies are ripped apart from limb to limb, there is only the Hell that we, as the human race, have made here, on Earth and generation after generation have to pay the price.

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