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Friday, March 5, 2010

HAIRSPRAY : the sequel

I finally made the appointment to get my hair done. I sent in the appointmet online and it looked ridiculous: Bangs, Full Foil, Base Color, and Shampoo, Cut, & Style. It'll be about $200 to get the hair I want. Atlantic Studios is thee hair salon, it's the only place I'll get my hair done, and I will only request Chelsea, she's done my hair for about 8 years if not more, she knows my hair best. I have long hair and it's super duper thick, it's always funny whenever I would get a new stylist, their reactions are all the same when they unravel my hair and analyze it. They all have "what the fuck" looks, it's hilarious, but I laugh to myself, there are two kinds of people you never want to annoy or infuriate: people who have your hair and people who have your food. I love having Black hair, but I wanted to have a complicated look, I used to always just have base color. It's Black now, but I decided to dye my hair (all over = base color) a rich, deep brown and then I'm going to have my bangs cut straight across and thick.

Then I'm going to have platinum blonde streaks on the underside and purple streaks on the underside. And I'm going to have some purple in my bangs...maybe, IDK, I might just leave the bangs brown.

I might have a few purple streaks in my bangs, but it would be way fewer than the picture above.

The bangs (color wise) would be more like this, a little less chunky though and ofcourse more purple, like the other picture.

I always see two-toned hair, I'm going to have multi-toned.

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