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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So last night me and Amber were bored and usually we have guys we can call up and be like, hey wanna hang out? But not that night, so we sat in the parking lot for 15 minutes thinking of things to do when I started of thinking of places that we wanted to go. MidgetTown popped into my head and I blurted it out without thinking about it. No one knows if actual little people live in a gated community in Long Beach, but there are a few locations that people try to find. A couple years ago, me and my friends were driving around the Atlantic Ave area and got lost in a neighborhood, one of my friends shouted out omg we're in midgettown! And I was like, wtf is that. And so we looked around, but nobody was there and it was just a bunch of condos, so it wasn't.

One alleged location is by the Virginia Country Club "at the end of a long, dead end looking, street either called "Virginia" or "Country Club". If you continue down this street, you will reach a checkpoint with a wooden gate and a small button on the left hand side. All you have to is push the button and the gate will automatically open. If you drive inside, you will notice that the first house on your left is equipped with a giant front door and doorknobs that look no taller than three feet high. The rest of the houses appear normal. If you continue driving forward you will reach another gate which cannot be opened by non-residents, followed by a third gate which can only be seen in the distance. Also, on your way out, turn right on the first street you see and go about five or six blocks and you will see the house from the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." A guy who actually drove inside there said the only thing to see is the house from the movie, no midgettown.

Another alleged location is La Linda Dr. by Bixby Rd and Weston, by Long Beach Blvd. It is a gated community and is hard to really see into. In the dark it's hard to tell how big or small anything is, except for the tiny gate to the left of the big gate that cars go through. People have tried to find this specific location but have never found La Linda Dr and claimed this location is a myth. La Linda Dr is an extremely tiny sign. Me and my friend actually found it on accident. While we saw no little people or extremely small anything except for that wooden gate, it was still exciting and freaky just because we were exploring an urban myth. A woman who lives on La Linda Dr. states that there are no little people living there and there never has. I'm not one of those people who think little people are freaks of nature, they're humans not some species from a different realm. It's not the fact that it's a midgettown, but it's exciting to try and find because there's such mystery surrounding it. If it was a well-known little people community and you see them walking around there all day...it wouldnt be that interesting.

So there are little people living in Long Beach, I see them. But no MidgetTown in the Long Beach area. There are claims of MidgetTowns in California. The most popular one around the Long Beach area though is the location in Bell Gardens by Downey, CA where people have said they did go there and 9 out 10 times chased out by an angry little person. One location was not given but the person said that there is a guard who tells you to leave in respect of MidgetTown, so no looky-looky there. But now I'm determined to seek out urban myths. Another is claimed to be in downtown Anaheim, CA off of Caille de Estrella. Some say that street doesn't exist because it can't be found. La Linda Dr was hard as fuck to find, so that's probably why. I have to go there now. There are a few more locations in Texas and California that I'm intrigued to explore now, I'm all set with directions and pictures =) There is one claimed to be in New York, but I don't feel like looking for an alleged MidgetTown in busyass New York, even though I am taking a road trip there soon.

There is a BIG fuss about a MidgetTown in San Diego, but it was looked into and was speculated that people were probably talking about these 4 little houses that were built a while ago, but now only one is still standing and abandoned. But when you look inside there is a small fireplace and cobble-stoned floors. I have an estimated set of directions, so I'm going there, I just wanna see that house. It's more of the houses that interest me, than the people. There's also on claimed to be in Greenville, TX. N of Lee St. and W of Walnut, the road goes up a short, steep hill and you end up on a dirt road and you'll see 3 houses to the right and like the usual "Midget House" the house is big but all the features are small. First I have to see this gated community with an angry guard who tells you to leave if you don't live there, in Downey, CA (actually in Bell Gardens). You take Chalet Dr. off of Gage Ave, go S on Chalet then make a left on a street that starts with a T and go right onto Foster Bridge.

The most popular spot claimed to be MidgetTown, built by the little people from the Wizard of Oz (that's the story) is the one in San Diego, but the second most popular one is all the way in Haunchyville, in Muskega, WI on Mystic Drive. It's said that it indeed does look like a MidgetTown with small doorknobs and small cars and small trashcans, and opposed to the legends of California where the little people are said to throw bricks at "Bigs" who trespass, these in Haunchyville are well equipped with torches and pitchforks.

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