"You do ill if you praise, but worse if you censure what you do not understand." - Leonardo daVinci

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Acting Black.....please be offended

Yo wassup foo I'd like to shout out to all my niggas and hood bitches holla at me cuz i'm bout to pass out this bitch somebody swing by my crib and show off the drank and cush ya feel me nigga
now don't nobody wanna get they asses cut like a mothafucka cuz they bein rude mothafuckas and not sharin and shit

Ok where is Lil Jon's shadow cuz all I see is a white girl wearing Baby Phat and gold hoop earrings...
People can talk and act however they want, I don't really give a damn, but a lot of people have a problem with people "acting black", whatever that is. According to my friends, acting black is:
- stealing
- selling crack
- not using big words
- is all about sex and money
- talking in slang
- being in a gang or knowing somebody in one
- living in the ghetto
- smoking
- drinking
- knowing every single rapper
Some people consider me Black, others consider me mixed, and some call me White, knowing that my dad's Black. I'm in college, I didnt know the difference between a blunt and a joint until last month, I just lost my virginity last year to ONE guy that I'm STILL with, I stole once when I was still a single-digit, I hate the taste of alcohol except if it's mixed with A LOT of juice, I don't know every single Black perfomer on the face of the planet and I certainly don't belt out the lyrics standing on the street corner swinging from side to side with a baseball cap on sideways, I dont wear weaves, I dont even the right hair for that. I love photography, I love the ocean, my skin is light, I use big words AND know what they mean, I talk in slang but not for every single word. Oh well I guess I'm white. There's no such as acting Black, there's only being black...as in you have Black ancestry and/or Black parent(s). Oh dear, oh my I used correct puncuation.
I know of white girls who refer to the word white person like it doesnt include them, possible mental defect? To me, talking in slang is different from referring to their "hoodrat bitches and niggas"...get hate mail much? People talk however they please, if it's to make themself appear as something that they're not, then that's their problem, not mine. It's when a White person will say that they're blacker than me or blacker than a Black person, that I will be offended, because you just insulted me pointblank and "that wont fly".
It's like, yeah you know all about the hood life when you've lived in the Beverly Hills of Long Beach all your life....right, please finish school because you are obviously in dire need of an education.
You can't act Black, sorry deal with the ethnicity you were given. There's no such thing as a born-again Black person, an ethnicity is not what you listen to or how you act or what you look like, it's your blood, it's your heritage. Ghetto = Black to some people, it's like no...Black = Black, you're either it or you're not.
Some say being Black is having a certain culture, that being black is having a certain attitude...no, that's just having a certain attitude...but then again there's the education that "niggas lack".
It's like, you say that being Black is one thing but then are deeply offended when people are suspicious that a Black person walking into their store are gonna steal something...well...if a person, white, black, purple, yellow, walked in my store talking about how all they do is steal I'd be watching their asses too. You can't define Black and be offended at the same time...you're just stabbing yourself in the foot. I can't feel bad for somebody who has an encounter with a racist, when they put themselves and everyone else in that same box.

I can't read.
Why not?
Cuz I'm Black.

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