"You do ill if you praise, but worse if you censure what you do not understand." - Leonardo daVinci

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

excerpt of an everyday conversation

dedJul1234 (8:55:47 PM): Hi
therecountercradle (8:55:55 PM): hey...
countercradle (8:55:58 PM): do i know you?
dedJul1234 (8:56:08 PM): Not yet,no
countercradle (8:56:14 PM): oh
dedJul1234 (8:56:24 PM): I'm Alan
countercradle (8:56:30 PM): hi
dedJul1234 (8:56:42 PM): Hi again
dedJul1234 signed off at 8:57:23 PM.
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umm yea..how do ppl get your sn? lol


countercradle (1:57:03 AM): what if my pussy just started talking to me one day
countercradle (1:57:13 AM): lol"
Liz" (1:57:39 AM): "jessica...try some other flava beside choc-o-lit"
countercradle (1:57:44 AM): lol
countercradle (1:58:00 AM): it'll be like, heeelp heeelp im being choked by a gigantic black penis"
Liz" (1:58:05 AM): and your pussy has to be a black man
countercradle (1:58:08 AM): lol
countercradle (1:58:14 AM): well then it'd be gay
countercradle (1:58:22 AM): whats the use of a gay vagina lol"
Liz" (1:59:26 AM): true"
Liz" (1:59:30 AM): that would blow
countercradle (1:59:39 AM): ya

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