"You do ill if you praise, but worse if you censure what you do not understand." - Leonardo daVinci

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

mental yeast infection...it irritates

i hate hypocrites. it's extremely irritating when you look down on somebody who does basically the same things you do...it's like, then what are you? nobody likes to think of themselves as sluts or "faggots" or racists, but that's where compassion and understanding comes in....to replace the misunderstanding and self-denial. but nobody understands that.....is it an environmental thing? you're not born a hypocrite, unless there's a chemical imbalance i havent heard of. it's pathetic how people are. just plain pitiful. how are you going to get mad when i talk about guys when you talk about girls or your girlfriend....do not degrade women and say they have no respect for themselves when you don't know anything about it and when you do basically the same shit. don't say you're for gay rights and all that when you call gays, faggots and lesbians, dykes...
you are what you are, just own up to it. if everyone was the same, the world would be one big orgy. opinions and thoughts are our own we were born with a right to think, but not a right to act. Acting on something is a priviledge, raped that word, don't abuse it. Speaking is a part of acting, certain words will put certain actions in motion. HOW HARD IS IT.....fuck. A lot of people are talking about how now is a time in history, concerning the bible.....if they're right, then good. with all this shit the world needs to start from a clean slate.

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