"You do ill if you praise, but worse if you censure what you do not understand." - Leonardo daVinci

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Club Allstar :: Stanton (Garden Grove), CA

I still can't kind of hear, I swear that music did serious damage. Great, never going there again. I went to Club Allstars in Stanton, CA last night. When we first got there, there was a small line in front and so far I was the only one dressed up for clubbing. I was dressed up Hollywood style. I could feel the girls in the line looking me up and down, like bitch. And I was with Amber and Claudia, who I've known since pre-school. Amber felt it too, she was like yeah I can feel them hating on us. After a while three girls came into the line and they were dressed like me, so I wasn't SO out of place....besides us three being the ONLY...as in ONLY white/light-skinned people there. Amber regretted not bringing more girls, "girls start fights in these types of clubs" I was like oh well for the bitch that wants to fight me then, my two 4-inch heels and Amber's two 4-inch heels make up for more girls. Watch me turn into Jackie Chan real quick. I was wearing a white dress and inside the club they had a special light to highlight anything white, I was like this is turning into a nightmare. And when we first got inside no one was dancing, they were all sitting down. I felt like I was in the 6th grade again. Amber and Claudia just started dancing by the bar, I just stood there bummed out of my mind. I did not pay $10 to dance by my lonesome by a bar. The guys we were next to stared at us like fresh meat. One of the guys was video-recording the club and the other one got backed up against the bar counter by Miss Amber herself lol. He kept on taking my hand or poking me because I wasn't really dancing. I appreciated the "love" but do not fucking poke me if you don't want to get slapped. Eventually I was like, fuck it and I started half-ass dancing because I still wasn't feeling it. This one guy came up to me to start dancing, I was like ugh no thank you, but he was persistent and just could not take a hint so he took my hips and pressed me to him. It's like getting stuck in tar, you might as well wait there for someone else to come by. I stopped dancing for a couple seconds twice....he still couldn't take the hint, I was like damn. He eventually left, like wham bam thank you mam. Amber backed me against the bar, like a girl stuck in prison with no men in sight lol. I couldn't really have fun with it because these moves she did moved my damn dress up, so I was tugging my dress down or holding onto the bottom about 90% of the time. It was still funny though. I took my shoes off along with Amber because I couldn't dance, my legs kept on shaking. I still didn't really let loose but I was having more fun. It went like that for about an hour and a half. When I realized what time it was and we didn't have that much time left because I had to take Amber and Claudia back home and get my own ass home by 1:30 and I wanted to stop and get something to drink, I just let loose. "Finally!" Is what Claudia and Amber said after. "It only took you....two hours." Thank you Claudia lol. I started dancing with this one guy, I was having fun with him so I was afraid to turn around and see what he looked like. We danced for a while, then he left and stood next to me, talking to his friend. The guy who danced with Amber earlier came up to me and took my hips. heyyyyy lol jk. That was the most fun I had that night. I shaked, I grinded (is that a word? i doubt it), I bumped, I bent over, I slid, he held my hands up and held onto my thighs. He said something but I didnt catch it, by then I was partially deaf. All I heard was, "damn girl". Damn right lol. So I checked my phone for the time and I told Claudia and Amber it was time to go. So we left. None of us could hear a damn thing, we were screaming at each other but we couldn't tell. Maybe that's why people are so loud coming out of clubs lol. We went back to Long Beach and bought cokes from Jack N the Box, then I took them home. Even though it started shitty, it ended okay =)

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