"You do ill if you praise, but worse if you censure what you do not understand." - Leonardo daVinci

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

strippers, pornstars, & prostitutes

When you think of a prostitute, you think of PCH and a woman with 9-inch heels, ripped stockings, no underwear, walking around with a miniskirt and a tube top on. When you think of a pornstar you think of a prostitue, when you think of a stripper, it reminds you of either a well paid prostitue or an underpaid pornstar. Well, all those conclusions are wrong. Prostitutes, strippers, and sometimes pornstars are the most misunderstood class of society (yes there is still a caste system).

Prostitutes, especially, are spit on by everyone, when they have to put up with more crap than a lot more other occupations. They're screwed by the legal system; they're screwed by the community, the media, and by people they thought they could trust. They can so easily be raped because "they're whores anyway".

You say, well that's what McDonalds is for, well sorry to throw water on your fire, but minimum wage cannot take care of a two or three people family, it cannot take care of even one person and yes even fast food restaurants turn away people and they aren't always hiring 24/7. We live in a corrupted world, some of us have to do the dirty work.

What's wrong with prostitution? Is it because it's sex, when we live in a highly sexual society in the first place, some people are just anti-sex, but aside from them sex isnt looked down on as much in general. Is it because they're having sex without being in a relationship? Is it because you're being a jealous cunt, not giving your husband enough and he went and found it somewhere else? Is it because not all practice safe sex and are spreading diseases? Try to answer what's wrong with prostitution without bringing up your own moral code and health issues.

Getting rid of people having sex for money, will NEVER happen, this is not Big Brother, every citizen of the US of A is not going to be monitered by the government 24/7, more important things are happening than who's giving whom a blowjob. Sex is sex, it's everywhere, everyday, every hour. Looking down on sex without being in a relationship or marriage, is just inserting your own morals, you might as well stomp on gay marriage and bitchslap a few immigrants, if you dont already. If prostitution were to be made legal, are you afraid your daughter or friend is going to go out and suddenly put a sign around her neck saying, "Will suck dick for money"? That being a prostitute will become "all the rage"? I highly doubt that will happen, if you're not one now, you probably won't become one any time soon, if ever. Pimps would hate it being legal, because then they would be taxed. If it were to be legal, health issues would be resolved better and easier and no one would have to go to jail, become someone's bitch and get addicted to meth.
But one thing that people just DO NOT understand is why they do what they do. Even some strippers have the same reasons. Pornstars have it better, they get fame, fortune, and condoms (not saying they have it perfect or any less misunderstood or looked down on). You think, oh it's just some whore. It's not a group of women who go out and have fuckfests because, "oh its fun and i love sex" the majority of those who have this profession (and yes, just because it's illegal, doesnt mean its not a job) do it to take care of themselves and their family. Who's more important, you or your child? Those who woud rather have their child starve and get infested with lice and other diseases and never go to school just because you think "strippers have no dignity" are selfish, that's what that is. That's not being moral.

I never try to change someone's view. I put up some facts and my own opinion and leave the rest alone. You can think I'm stupid, you can say "oh you just think like that because you're a whore too". I'm not a prostitute but I'm not a virgin either and no I'm not married *gasp* but I have had an ex friend call me immoral, a friend that laughed when I said I still have my dignity, and parents that have pushed me aside and refuse to talk about me because "they're ashamed". Insulting someone else wont make you smarter, gain you any respect, and it wont make your little dick grow bigger, so I don't give a damn about what you think. And the prostitutes, pornstars, and strippers that can hold their head high are the most strong people in this society because of all the shit they get.

I'm just simply saying, wipe your ass before you pull your pants up.

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