"You do ill if you praise, but worse if you censure what you do not understand." - Leonardo daVinci

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jonathon Rhys Meyers

Every once in a while I'll find an actor, I'll watch a few things and this same actor will just happen to be in them and I'll be very intrigued to see their list of filmography and watch (almost) all of them. I'm not a big celebrity person, I don't care about their fashions, opinions, or personal lives. But sometimes, I'll come across someone and be fascinated by their approach to their craft. A lot of actors (and other artists) just follow down their career path because they want to be famous or they like the money... That's not a real actor to me, a real actor spawns from the ideals of those who once ventured on stage to act out plays, read from banned scripts, perform when no one was watching, only to be spit on or insulted all because it was their passion. And every once in a while, I'll see an actor that is a real actor by my definition and get online so I can google the filmography, just like I'm doing with Meyers (and will soon be doing with Ben Foster).
"It`s not about money, fame, people knowing you. It`s not even about enjoying yourself and being happy. It`s about achieving something that`s brilliant, creating something that`s brilliant, for other people. For yourself, you`re always going to be unsatisfied, but if somebody comes up to me and says, `That was a brilliant part, and I really, really got it`. That`s essentially it."

The Killer Tongue - Rudolph
The Disappearace of Finbar - Finbar
Michael Collins - Collin's assassin
 Samson and Delilah - Young Samson
The Maker - Josh
Telling Lies in America - Kevin
Velvet Goldmine - Brian
The Governess - Henry
B. Monkey - Bruno
The Tribe - Adam
The Loss of Sexual Innocence - Nic
Ride With the Devil - Pitt
Titus - Chiron
Prozac Nation - Noah
Tangled - Alan
Happy Now - Mark
Bend It Like Beckham - Joe
The Tesseract - Sean
Octane - The Father
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead - Davey
The Emperor's Wife - The Chamberlain
The Lion in Winter - King Phillip II
Vanity Fair - George
Alexander - Cassander
Match Point - Chris
Elvis - Elvis
Mission Impossible III - Declan
August Rush - Louis
The Children of Huang Shi - George
A Film With Me In It - Pierce
Shelter - Adam
From Paris with Love - James
A Swim at Two Birds - (2010) IN PRODUCTION

(TV) Gormenghast - Steerpike
(TV) The Magnificent Ambersons - George
(TV) The Tudors - King Henry VIII

(The Governess)

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