"You do ill if you praise, but worse if you censure what you do not understand." - Leonardo daVinci

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Podcasts were introduced to me by my mom. I recently subscribed to Ricky Gervais, that show is hilarious. I watched a stand up once, it wasn't that funny, but I've seen him in movies and he's hilarious. Maybe it was just that one show, that didn't tickle my funny bone.

I also subscribed to NASA. When I was little my dad used to always look at the sky through his telescope. At our old apartment there was this staircase that led to the roof and people rarely went up there, I don't think they would have went up there unless there was a bigass sign saying, You Can Be Up Here, but there wasn't.... My dad used to always be up there, looking up at the sky, at the planets and constellations and such, and I would go up there because I knew if he wasn't in our home then he was on the roof, and he would have hot tea or something and I would bring a big blanket and just sit up there with him and he would let me look through his telescope.

I also have Eddie Izzard's London show on my iTunes.

<3 Gotta love podcasts.

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