"You do ill if you praise, but worse if you censure what you do not understand." - Leonardo daVinci

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Long Beach to Los Angeles

Last night I went to LA with one of my best friends, Amber and we just went there to try and find something to do. I guess her guy friend told her to come to the nightclub, Arena. I told her that club is expensive but we were already walking and it was past midnight. We ended up walking for an hour, because a cool minute to him is apparently slang for A LONG FUCKIN TIME and he gave us wrong directions, so we had to backtrack a little. We ended up never going to Arena, he instead picked us up from a liquer store. Amber was irritated because we ended up not doing shit in LA, but I wasn't irritated because I can have fun getting lost in LA as long as I'm with a best friend, I don't need alcohol, parties, or guys to make my night complete. And yeah my feet hurt, but I wore boots so the heel wasn't that big and after you get lost in New York in high heels because your mother says the place you're going to is "right around the corner"... getting lost in Los Angeles in 3 inch heels don't really bother you.

I also went out with my other best friend Daysha, we kept it local and went to 2nd street. But drama followed us, like always. Me and her are going out again tonight, we planned on going to this Metro nightclub in LA but I don't feel like driving there again and trying to find parking, again. I might have to look for another place for us to go, someplace else. My desire to return to Los Angeles after not being there for 6 months is gone, after walking around LA for an hour this morning.

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